About Us

Capelo.gr is the biggest headwear e-shop in Greece .

It offers the most popular and quality headwear designs to the  Greek market. Our extensive experience and expertise on headwear guarantees to the visitors that they will find the latest trends in the headgear fashion at the best prices in Greece.  Browse capelo.gr and find your favorite hats and caps!

About Us

Capelo.gr started its operation in May 2015 as a business unit of Ch.Karachalios - N. Filippou Co. Capelo.gr follows a systematic path of dynamic development, in order to offer an overall high level of market expertise and service to those who choose to shop online through:

  • The development of a modern e-shopping platform with advanced functionality and speed, making navigation and purchase a pleasant and easy experience, even for unfamiliar users shopping online.
  • The implementation of stricter standards and technologies that govern the e-commerce world, to fully ensure the safety of transactions.
  • Providing a wide variety of hat products at highly competitive prices.
  • The continuous enrichment of the product range with more models in several categories.
  • The accurate and complete report of the characteristics of each product, for the correct user guidance in the selection.
  • Providing multiple payment options and delivery to selected every time the most advantageous.
  • The detailed information at all stages of the buying process, until the receipt of the product.
  • The operation of call center for telephone orders and information (+30 210 3214111).
  • Quality and reliability guaranteed by Ch. Karachalios - N. Filippou Co., which for 65 years or more serves consistently Greek consumers and businesses.

What you will find in capelo.gr

The capelo.gr offers the best designs of headgear and fashion accessories . The client of capelo.gr is sure that all products are the latest designs of headwear offered at the best prices in the Greek market.
Additionally, www.capelo.gr is daily enriched with many new casual and life style products, in order to satisfy  the demands of all of its customers